Accidents occur in the blink of an eye and your next actions may drastically effect the long-term outcome.  If you are in an accident, follow these eight steps to ensure your physical and legal safety.  After reading, we recommend that drivers print out the brochure attached to this page (below) to keep in your glove box in case of emergency.

Remain calm. Stop safely. Turn Emergency lights on.
Watch for oncoming traffic.

An apology can imply fault. Never admit fault.
If you have to say something, ask "Are you okay?"

Call an ambulance if people are injured. Notify your
supervisor if you are driving a company vehicle.

Find and take note of contact information for anyone
who may have seen the accident. They can provide another point of view. A witness information form can be found in the brochure attached to this page.

Show your driver's license and registration. A contact information form can be found in the brochure attached to this page.

You will want to take note of information sure as time and place; make, model, and year of vehicles involved;
emergency personal and weather conditions; etc.
A full form can be found attached to this page.

If the other drive agrees you're not at fault, Ask them to
sign a release. A release form can be found in the
brochure attached to this page.

Click Below to Print This Guide And Store It In Your Glove Box



  • Report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as possible.
  • Write a complete description of the accident while it's fresh in your mind.
  • Have even minor damage fixed. Letting your car go unrepaired can cost you in the long run.

  • Never discuss accident details with anyone other than the police and insurance company. 
  • Never agree to a phone recording or give a signed statement to other driver's claims adjustor/insurance company.
  • Don't be fooled by a lower estimate. You have the right to choose the bodyshop. Don't sign release until every detail is repaired to your satisfaction.
  • Never allow your car to be towed to a repair shop you are not familiar with. Don't authorize repairs by signing a tow release until you have decided to have your car repaired by the shop it's being towed to.