Faded, Yellow Faded, Crazing Headlights Are Not Safe! Have them restored at the Byerly Collision Centers today!

Headlights 101 ... Did You Know? ...

Since 1990, all newer vehicle headlights are made out of Poly Carbonite Plastic. They are made from plastic due to the cost, and due to several other factors. Plastic headlights can absorb the hit of an impact and are also very hard to break. The downside is that the plastic lenses of the headlights is that they succumb to the strong UV rays of the sun which in turn can cause the plastic headlight to turn yellow and fade over time. These headlights can start fading in one year. The best way to avoid your plastic headlights from turning yellow is through maintaining them by applying a UV protection periodically.

What is the distance a person must be able to see at night when using their cars headlights?
150 feet ahead of you and your vehicle is the length in which you should be able to see. Any shorter in the visibility, the more compromised you and your car will become.

Can all headlights be restored and repaired back to normal?
80% of the time faded and cloudy headlights can be restored or repaired. Only in the following cases would a headlight be deemed not worth of restoring. These reasons are ...
  1. Sand pitted badly from driving at high speeds with sand and debris constantly hitting it.
  2. The headlight lens is cracked or wasted beyond repair.
  3. Water has seeped into the headlight causing damage not worth repairing.
In most cases, vehicle owners don't pay much attention to their vehicles headlights. Next time you are in a parking lot, or just getting home from work (has to be in the daylight, of course) check your headlights to see what their true headlight color is looking like. If the appearance of your headlights are foggy, yellow, faded white, or even slightly shaded brown, your vehicle headlights are in dire need of some attention!

Can I be issued a vehicle citation for poorly performing foggy headlights on my vehicle?
More and more states are now issuing citations for foggy headlights.  Better to be safe than sorry...  Get your headlights working at optimal performance by having the Byerly Collision Centers restore them back to normal.

Does insurance typically cover the cost for vehicle headlight restoration and repair?
The quick answer is no. But the auto insurance industry is quite aware of the fact that newer cars are using the plastic headlights and so they are considering making it a part of their vehicle coverage for the insured. But as of right now (currently) insurance doesn't cover headlight restoration.

How many drivers on the road in the United States today are driving with a vehicle that has some sort of headlight UV damage?
The numbers are eye-opening. Since plastic has become the material of choice for headlight manufacturing since 1990, it is a fact that nearly 70% of all vehicles on the road today have some clouding, yellowing, or fading headlight damage. Wow!

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